Monday, April 16, 2012

New edition of the Bradt Guide to Albania

Bradt Guides have published the 4th edition of their guide to Albania. Written by Gillian Gloyer (who was also the author of the previous editions), the guidebook has expanded to 272 pages.

Some of the changes compared to the previous edition reflect the rapid changes in Albania's road network. In particular the new highway to Kuk√ęs has opened up access to northeast Albania, and the chapter dealing with that part of the country has been reorganised and expanded. The author also mentions the addition of information aimed at the increasing number of visitors who arrive in their own cars or mobile homes. Another new feature is a selection of suggested itineraries for visits to Albania ranging from a few days to a month.


Idle Thumbs and Itchy Feet said...

Hello, I'm loving reading your blog and your website, they seem to be written with such a genuine passion for the region, which is very infectious! So far, in this region, I have only been to Croatia and Istanbul, but I really loved them both.

Anyway, the reason for me writing is that I am looking at going away for a few days (just under a week) in May, and Albania is really appealing to me at the moment. (Serbia is also a contender).

Could you recommend the best guide to get, and would you have any tips/recommendations given the short time we'll have in-country?

Thank you!

Alan said...

Hi, the Bradt Guide mentioned in this post is the best I know of in English. The online guide at is good specifically for Tirana.

Your choice of destinations depends partly on your points of entry/exit. If you fly into and out of Tirana you might want to concentrate on the central area including Berati and Tirana itself, given that you don't have much time. If you enter/leave via Corfu you could put together a nice route in the south of the country including Butrinti and Gjirokastra.

Thanks for the kind words and enjoy your travel planning.