Saturday, March 01, 2008

Not about the Balkans

Those up you who keep up to date with changes to Balkanology (all three of you) may have noticed that things have been rather quiet on the site recently. That's because I've been concentrating on non-Balkan-related travel plans (yes, I do travel to other parts of the world). Today I start a six-week trip around Chile and Argentina; there will be no updates to the site over that period.

The leaders of Kosovo chose to declare independence without the courtesy of asking me if the timing would fit with my plans, so any out-of-date references to Kosovo on the site will just have to stay there until I come home. Please don't write to point them out!

Normal service on Balkanology will resume later in the year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a good trip.
Yes, Kosovo now deserves its own country thingy on your site, but more important things are happening.
Belgrade In Your Pocket has been launched and is available online (, in print and as PDFs. Ljubljana IYP 1 is up next month, Skopje, Tirana and Pristina IYP guides will all see new editions this summer. Mostar IYP is planned for this year too. Hope to hear from you soon!