Friday, July 07, 2006

Low cost flights for Serbia ... or not?

Low cost airlines have taken their time about getting involved in the Balkans, and the market has developed at a much slower rate than in countries such as Poland and Slovakia, but things are changing fast.

Or not, if you live in Serbia, which has lagged behind several of its neighbours in this respect. An article in the Southeast European Times this week suggests that things maybe be about to change. Many of the proposed developments seem to still be at a rather theoretical stage, so it remains to be seen whether they will come to fruition. As the article points out, it's not much use being able to fly for 1 dinar if you have a problem getting a visa - which is sadly the case for many Serbians.

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Bg anon said...

Hello my fellow blogger victor has added your blog to the list roll so this is my first visit (I think).

Good blog and on this topic there is quite a lot of interesting information coming through these days.

I will likely write something about this at the Belgrade or Serbia blog soon.