Monday, June 03, 2013

New guidebook to Slovenia's Karavanke Mountains

Most visitors to Slovenia have at least a passing familiarity with the Karavanke mountain range, perhaps without even realising it. The highest peak in the range, Stol, towers over the town of Bled and forms the backdrop to many views of Lake Bled, as in my photos below. And the major road and rail routes connecting Villach in Austria to Jesenice in Slovenia pass by, and under, the Karavanke range. But for many foreign visitors, that's as far as it goes. Even those tourists with an interest in mountain walking tend to be drawn to the better-known Julian Alps further west.

A new guidebook published by Cicerone Guides may encourage some hikers to take a closer look at the Karavanke, which run for 120km along Slovenia's northern border with Austria. "Walking in Slovenia: the Karavanke" includes 23 one-day and two-day walks, covering the whole range from west to east. For more information visit the Cicerone website or see the Amazon links below.

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