Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Montenegro introduces "eco tax" on tourist cars

Montenegro has announced that a tax of 10 euro per car will be collected from motorists entering the country from June 15. The money will supposedly be used for environmental protection. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Tourism is quoted as saying "we hope that tourists will use alternative means of transport, like trains, buses or airplanes". Airplanes? That doesn't sound very eco-friendly. As for buses and trains - the Ministry's own promotional website has hardly any information about public transport, reliable bus timetables are almost impossible to find, and the trains are infamous for delays. If some of the money collected from foreign drivers was invested in tackling those deficiencies, perhaps public transport would become a more attractive alternative.


Anonymous said...

A pathetic money-grubbing exercise, only slightly more transparent than it is when a more developed country does essentially the same.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that a fee of 10Eur is being charged on tourist cars when in actual fact I was "charged" 40Eur for a tourist car to enter Montenegro ..... nothing like a bit of corruption to give a country a bad name