Monday, September 24, 2007

New photos of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Earlier this month I paid a quick return visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although my original plans were hampered somewhat by the unexpected arrival of winter in the first week of September, I did manage to visit a few places I hadn't seen before, including the highland village of Lukomir near Sarajevo, and the Radimlja Necropolis near Stolac. I also spent some time exploring the lovely (and very accessible) Bukovik Mountain area north of Sarajevo, walking from Skakavac Waterfall over Bukovik summit and right down to the centre of the city in one day.

Photos of all of these places, as well as some fresh pictures of old favourites Sarajevo and Mostar, are now in the Bosnia Galleries.

In the next few weeks I will be updating the Bosnia section of Balkanology to reflect the changes I noticed in my most recent visit.


andy said...

Hi there - fantastic reading. I am researching family history which is focused on village Brjani about 5 miles north of Konjic, Herzogovena. Have you visited this area?

Alan said...

Thanks Andy. I have never stopped in Konjic, although I have passed through several times in trains and buses - as you head towards Mostar from Sarajevo it marks the start of the most scenic section of the journey.

bathmate said...

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